Introducing Key Products Supply By Indian Courier Bags Manufacturers

Courier bags are special kind of products used by parcel/freight, courier, ecommerce and bank sectors for taking customer's documents and consignments from one place to another in a secure way. Courier bags manufacturers in India are making wide range of courier bags for distinct users and sectors. These bags are usually produced by the unit from 60 micron polyethylene film. Clients can customize these bags in terms of print, body colour, and dimensions. They can even get it without any print or design and can ask manufacturers to do unique sequential numbering or bar-coding as per their requirement.
General Features Of Ordinary Courier Bags:
  • Weather resistant

  • Every type of courier bag available in the market is weather proof. Manufacturers use top quality raw material to fabricate each bag to prevent clients' documents and other things from any damage in rain, snow, or heat.

  • Tear, burst, and puncture resistant

  • Most suppliers in India are offering robust and durable courier bags to their clientele. These products are highly resistant to tear, puncture or bursting.

  • Opaque and secure design

  • Thanks to the mind behind the opaqueness of the courier bags. Due to non-transparency, these products are very useful to maintain secrecy of the documents or parcels inside.

  • Writable surface

  • As there is a need of writing addresses over the parcels, courier bags have writable surfaces. You can write over them using ball pen or permanent ink marker.

  • Recyclable

  • These bags are easy to recycle.

  • Light weight
Unlike paper bags, these products are lighter in weight and also reduce postage cost.

Distinct Range Of Courier Bags Supplied By Manufacturing Outlets
  • Temper proof courier bags
  • Secure courier bags
  • Plain courier bags
  • Document pouches
  • Locking courier bags
  • Printed courier bag
  • Courier plastic bags
  • Mailing bags
  • Post bags
  • Pliythene courier bags
  • Opaque mailing bags
  • Multi cliored courier bags
  • Document security envelope
  • Pliythene security envelope
  • Self seal envelopes
  • Bubble envelope
  • Bubble mailer
These are the products supplied by courier bags manufacturers in India across the globe. All of these courier bags are being used for main purpose- to move parcels and documents from one destination to another in most secure way. To make query related to courier bags and other products, you can simply comment below.